CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) Certification Approved

John is CSCS registered.  Test Date: 18th November 2016, CSCS Card Registration Number: 5880280. Valid for Five Years From Test Date. Please view our Security Clearance Information Page.

CSCS aims to improve construction site workers’ competence; reducing accidents, improving health and safety, and driving efficiency. The Scheme keeps a database of all those who have attained a level of occupational competence. People who have passed the test receive a card identifying the level they have achieved. Applicants will also need to pass a Health, Safety and Environment Test.

Being CSCS certification approved shows that you have a certain level of skill and knowledge in your field. CSCS cards are available in a range of disciplines and levels throughout the construction industry. If you work in the construction industry then being CSCS certification approved is a great way of proving that you are competent.

CSCS cards are being Increasingly demanded by employers, contractors and the public as proof that you have a certain level of knowledge and are therefore competent in your job. This can be seen in the Scottish Government’s decision to make CSCS cards compulsory for public sector construction workers.

Recently the Scottish Building Federation and the Scottish Government have come together to introduce a new policy requiring all companies engaged in public sector construction contracts to ensure that their on-site staff are registered with CSCS or their equivalent.

This means that many more construction workers are going to have to register with CSCS in order to carry on working. CSCS cards and qualifications only last 5 years before they have to be renewed and paid for again!