We are off to Marbella this Friday on an eight day photo shoot in an exciting new location for Hybrid Bootcamp.

Marbella for the same amazing unrivalled results, in a new lavish location. Get fit, lose weight and get a great tan in the process!

Situated in a secluded setting, between the sandy beaches and rocky mountains of the Costa Del Sol, our Luxury Boot Camp in Marbella boasts an incredible back drop of shear luxury, making this an exceptional place to achieve amazing results.


About Hybrid Bootcamp

The greatest residential bootcamp in the UK.

We only take small groups, so we can deliver a far superior product. In terms of weight loss, body sculpting, posture correction, increased fitness and strength, confidence, nutritional education, understanding food labelling, and most importantly re programming the mind and instilling a highly motivated new you for life after boot camp with us. We are the only bootcamp in the country that can tailor to the needs of the individual, because it is owned by a nutritionist and an Elite Trainer.

The Boss has worked for the top bootcamp companies and found pro’s and con’s in them all, leading him to embark on a mission to create the greatest environment in order to achieve the greatest results for his clients. Being the highest qualified at any bootcamp Lee previously worked for, along with his former Special Forces experience he understands what’s required, who requires it and when. Lee’s infectious optimism brings out the best in everyone, and the whole team at Hybrid follow the same energy levels and ethos.

It’s not the BootCamp that gets you the results, or motivates you, or inspires you to keep on pushing, to surpass that 110%, makes you feel what its like to have that ‘eye of the tiger’ feeling. It’s the Instructors and the Team. So when the owner is a passionate heath and fitness expert, with an awe inspiring CV of his own. There is no greater place to come and change your life at a BootCamp.

Put simply, Hybrid Bootcamp is the most passionate and client driven bootcamp there is. Our dedicated team is made up of the finest Personal Trainers and Nutritionists’ who will help you reach your goal as quickly as possible. Our team have achieved various accolades, but their true passion is changing other peoples lives. The Hybrid Team are likeable, approachable and they’ll inspire you, put pressure on you (where needed), but also know when to apply the brakes.

Every team member has been handpicked and tested, trialled and questioned on their own morals and standards; ensuring they reflect our ethos. Hybrid Bootcamp has been created by a passionate, experienced and selfless trainer; who loves nothing more than to inspire, motivate, teach and empathise with anyone and everyone in ormarbella_venue_02der to help them achieve their goals.

We have no hidden agenda because we are not trying to sell a product, we simply offer a life changing experience. We help our clients look, and most importantly feel, the best they possibly can. Our previous clients have not only achieved life-changing results physically, but are mentally stronger and better educated about health and nutrition; enabling them to maintain their amazing results. We wont try and mislead you with concepts and gadgets, different dimensions, celebrity clients that get paid to go to bootcamp for advertising, 5 star villas and so on, we teach you and show you the real way, the old fashioned way which is realistically the only way anyway. If a gimmick or fad worked we would all be doing it and whoever invented it would be rich. Black and White is the Hybrid way.