Keeping Children Happy at Weddings

For most children weddings actually turn out to be very boring – they get bored, tired, crotchety and downright grumpy. Now whether you care about the kids or not, think about their parents too. Now option one is to have a no children wedding – lots of people do and as far as I can see parents are very happy to have a day (and a night) out without their children.

Option two is to provide entertainment for the children.

Keeping Children Happy at Weddings

Outdoor entertainment can be as simple as a couple of footballs, indoors – especially at dinner – can include children’s fun packs. Silly games such as Twister are fun – and the adults will join in too.

For larger groups of children think about special entertainment. Victoria arranged for a pottery painting room at her wedding, kept 15 children very happy for hours and they had something to come home with. Hazel had street entertainers teach children simple magic and juggling tricks.

Children get tired too, often they can fall asleep anywhere. But sometimes they might need a little quiet space to settle down in. In general kids don’t need much before their own ideas kick in and they keep themselves happy, but a few simple things around for them to get involved in can really help.


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