Preparing Your Husband for a Photo Shoot.I don’t know why but often the husband is nothing like as keen on a session as you are! Firstly, don’t worry, he still loves you, it is just that photographs don’t figure so strongly in a man’s mind.

Preparing Your Husband for a Photo ShootHaving said that, remind him that you love him and you want some pictures to keep around so you can always see him, even if he is away. Tell him that they make you feel warm and cuddly.

If you are bringing children then tell him that it will help you be relaxed if he can help get the children ready too. If you are bribing the children, make sure he knows too. In fact you might try bribing him!

Remind him that the children should also be happy and relaxed about it all – so no stressing the kids before the shoot.

You are looking to be a bit coordinated, so that doesn’t mean he has to wear his work suit. Depending on your partner you

might let him choose (after telling him what you are wearing) or you might choose for him.

Don’t say “you’re not wearing that are you?”. Instead go for “how about your blue shirt – you look really nice in that”. For some reason men can be terrible smilers too. Don’t worry, we’ll work on him to get that real smile out. In general, after a stiff start we soon find men warm up to the whole thing once the session gets going, so don’t worry too much about it beforehand.

To give you confidence and reassurance, we all hold a current and up to date DBS certificate we are fully Insured.

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