Wedding Photography in Coventry




Are you planning on getting married in the city of Coventry? Do you have a venue in mind in the wider metropolitan borough? Either way, inviting John Debono of JCD Photography to be there could well be the best invitation you extend for your big day.

Capturing all those special moments forever

From the second the bride gets ready with her bridesmaids to the cake being cut by the newly married couple a wedding is filled with lots of tiny moments. Each of those moments can be captured by a professional Coventry wedding photographer.

John Debono has attended countless weddings, from small affairs with just the bride, groom, and two witnesses, to large bashes with hundreds of guests. In every case, the same attention to detail, to those photos that will recall the most beautiful memories, is guaranteed.


Not your average wedding photographer

We go beyond the traditional wedding photography in Coventry too. We make sure all the best moments are there for you to review later when the big day is over. Yet many of our clients comment on all the little moments they see in their photos too – the moments they missed during the wedding itself.

No matter how well the bride and groom circulate and socialise, they do miss things. You will too. With our wedding photography service, you won’t miss a thing. Think of it as being able to relive your wedding once you get access to your online wedding photo collection – something you can do within 24 hours.



Simple, clear pricing you’ll love

Costs can easily spiral at any wedding, even the smallest and most personal ones. No doubt, you want to marry the idea of great wedding photography for your Coventry wedding with the desire to spend as little as possible.

If that sounds too much to ask for, relax. You’ve already found your way to the best wedding photography service in Coventry today. If you’ve visited other sites and been confused about the pricing, what is included, and what isn’t, you’re going to find the JCD Photography service refreshingly easy to understand.

Polished digital photography that tells the story of your big day

Our photos are never heavily edited. We enhance them to make sure the best outcome is achieved in each case, but we don’t make copious changes.

You’ll be able to review your complete set of wedding photography at your Coventry-based wedding in colour and in black and white. You can also provide your guests with access to your collection of photos, so they can download whatever they wish.

Natural wedding photography in Coventry, whenever your big day is

If you hate posing for photos, you are not alone. JCD Photography opts for a long lens on many photos, guaranteeing a far more natural appearance in every image.

Wedding photography is one of the most important elements to get right at any wedding. Make sure you get yours right by calling free on 0800 999 48 48 today for more details.